Lessons finish for the Summer holidays after the last lesson on Monday 22 July.

Lessons begin again after the summer holidays on Monday 2 September.

Holiday courses - running during most of the summer holidays - please check the Holiday course page for more details.

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🏊‍¨️  For more information or to book a weekly lesson for your child please contact us by tel/text 07972 241511 or email info@swimstart.org.uk and we'll try our best to help you.  Thanks.

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 We are a Registered Charity aiming to provide affordable, quality swimming lessons for young children aged from birth - 9 year s. We operate from the John Stanley Bell Memorial Pool situated in the grounds of Hothfield Junior School, Hothfield Street, Silsden. 

Children in all our classes apart from Cygnets are unaccompanied by a parent/carer in the water. We have four ability groups, Ducklings (Pre-School, instructor in the water), Tadpoles (Beginners), Otters (Improvers) and Stingrays (Advanced). Children usually start as a Duckling or Tadpole and progress naturally through the groups according to skill, stamina and ability to concentrate.

We have Tadpole, Otter & Stingray lessons every night of the week from approximately 4pm until 7pm and also Saturday and Sunday mornings. We hold Duckling lessons on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings from 9.30 am until 1pm, Monday & Thursday afternoons from 12 noon until 3pm as well as Friday lunchtime and Saturday & Sunday mornings.  Cygnet lessons (under 3's) are held on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings; Monday & Thursday afternoons; Friday lunchtime (12 noon), Saturdays (12 noon) with two new classes on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and Wednesdays at 6.30 pm.

There are generally no more than 10 children in each group with only one lesson being taught at a time. There is no deep end at our pool, the pool has a constant depth which is good at building children's confidence when they are learning to swim. Parents can watch the lessons fro m the side of the pool and sit there with smaller children if necessary.

All our teaching staff hold either Amateur Swimming Association or Swimming Teacher’s Association Teaching Qualifications and our lifeguards hold current Lifeguarding Qualifications.

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